Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Miracle

On April 6 Ron went in for his first exam after the surgery. His first PSA blood test came back at zero. This means that the level of cancer in his body is zero. We know this is truly a miracle after the grim prognosis that he was given. He will not be needing to do any radiation or chemotherapy. This means that we will have some money left over. Praise God, when he gives, he gives in abundance. God intended however, for that money to be used to help our medical need. Since, our need is almost all taken care of we intend to use it to benefit someone else in need. If you have any ideas of how we should use this money send us a blog. Again, we just want to praise God for his many answers to prayer.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Great News--Successful Surgery!!!

Tammy just called me to say that Ron is out of surgery (started around 11:30 this morning). They succussfully removed the prostate. There is no evidence that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes or any where else outside the prostate itself. Tissue samples were taken to confirm this. Those tests won't be back for some time. The doctor feels very pleased with the results.

If the tissue samples all come back negative, it appears there will be no need for follow-up treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation!

We are all praising God for this blessed outcome and the generous support of so many friends and loved ones!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Decision Made

Good Morning everybody. I just want to reiterate how rich and blessed I feel by everyone out there. You can't put a monetary value on friendship and love. I've been so blessed to live in this community and be accepted by all. To me that's huge. That's next to being accepted to heaven. I love this place, I'll never leave it until I go upstairs. I pray that all of you recieve blessings for showing me all the love and concern for my health. To me this is the most perfect place on earth. we met with the surgeon yesterday. We were praying for clarity on a decision due to all the complications surrounding my condition. After talking to the surgeon with a list of questions, he answered all our questions before we had a chance to ask them. He is a surgeon with great skills and a conviction to saving lives. He pushes the envelope but he is the best. It was so good just to have a clear picture when I walked away from there. It took some of the weight off our shoulders. The answer to our prayer was given. The surgeon will start working with his hospital as far as cost and he will also reduce his costs drastically. That was a big answer to prayer because we can't do this at St. Helena Hospital. I'm okay with whatever happens here because no matter what it is in God's hands to glorify his name and not mine. Thank you everybody.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Grateful Hearts

Wow! We have been so overwhelmed by the outpourting of love for me. I have been touched by your comments and your generosity. We are praying for clear direction from God as to the treament I should embark on. I know God has more plans for me. Thank you for your prayers and your concern for me. I love you all.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

January 3rd Up-date

I spoke with Tammy last night and she says that the doctors have changed their thinking regarding a plan of attack. Rather than surgery, they believe the best answer is hormone therapy and radiation. St. Helena Hospital does not perform the radiation treatment so Ron must go to the Queen of the Valley, or, using the newer and more precise radiation technique, UCSF. Yes, this increases procedural costs. And no, the Queen nor UCSF's board have been approached regarding pro bono options.
Doctors are still unsure about whether or how far the cancer has spread. At this juncture Ron's cancer is still tiptoeing on the line between stage two and stage three.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Less than 24hrs after starting this blog, things are already moving!

I understand, second hand, that the top administrators of the St. Helena Hospital have offered to drastically reduce (or possibily eliminate) the hospital's fees for hosting Ron's cancer surgery and that a donor has stepped forward to offer to offset the remaining costs in a substantial way! Ron is contacting his surgeon to see if he is willing to perform the surgery at St. Helena, which is not his associated hospital, and whether he might be willing to reduce his fees in light of the hospital's generous offer.

This rapid movement is incredible.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


This blog is being up by friends of Ron Priest to help save his life from cancer. Ron is a friend and contracter extraordinaire. He is known everywhere for his eagerness to help others. Ron has given and given and given to help others. Now we have the opportunity to give something back to him.

In Brief...

Ron recently learned that he has prostate cancer. It has already progressed to a stage that necessitates immediate surgery to remove the affected tissues. Because Ron is self-employed and, at this point in time, carries no health insurance, the $60,000 for the surgery and treatment exceeds his available resources. The surgery needs to happen yesterday. We, his friends, are attempting to execute a plan with great haste that will help raise the money necessary to help cover the medical costs.

What is coming...

Watch this space for words from Ron's friends about his condition, updates on what is happening, a way you can donate online and a running total of our fundraising campaign for his surgery.